About our Microsoft integration

Angela Vissers
Tuesday 27 July 2021
One of Indeqa biggest perks is that we are integrated with Microsoft Not only are we integratable with Microsoft 365 but also Microsoft Azure, available for business Microsoft 365 users. When using Microsoft you are able to collaborate online by sharing, viewing and editing files in real time. In addition, you are also able to call, chat and meet online from anywhere. 


By integrating Indeqa into Microsoft few more tools will be available, which in return make your meetings more effective and efficient. When using Indeqa you are able to have extra tools as;
  • Automated PDF conversions
  • Private annotations
  • Add tasks and decisions 
  • create and save templates
  • Automated minutes
  • Meeting document version management
  • Agenda management
  • Create an agenda bundle ( all documents in one download) SOON
Because of our Microsoft integration you are able to prepare , manage and publish meetings without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Therefore you are able to stay in your own safe environment without making adjustments in work environment. 


When it comes to security and compliancy we also got you covered by adding the option to add digital signatures to your documents. Something that is indispensible for reporting and compliancy. 


Due to the fact that Indeqa is hosted on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, our customers gain reliable security for their meetings. Both platforms meet the highest standards and norms in terms of security and reliability. Because of our integration with Microsoft you are able to;
  • Make optimal use of the functionality and security principles already present in Microsoft 365
  • Sign in with your existing Microsoft 365 account. A new account and password are not required
  • Does your organization use multi-factor authentication? If yes, this is also required for logging in to Indeqa
  • Company-sensitive documents remain under your own control
  • User rights, authorization and security from Microsoft 365
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