Indeqa makes the secretary's work a lot easier!

Angela Vissers
Tuesday 17 August 2021

As a Personal Assistant you are the spider in the web in organising and facilitating meetings. Planning in overcrowded agendas, drawing up minutes, printing out, making adjustments and (re)distributing meeting documents takes a large part of your valuable time. Many Management Assistants use Dropbox or other file sharing platforms, or distribute meeting documents by e-mail. But how do you keep control and an overview? Indeqa has to software that makes your meetings efficiënt and effective in order to make the secretary's work a lot easier.

Get more out of Outlook

Starting with combining with your Outlook (Exchange) environment. This gives you insight into the availability of the internal participants from the conference-app and you can immediately schedule the appointment in the agendas. So you plan from within the meeting and not from all separate agendas. 

Fast and secure distribution of minutes and annotations

Indeqa uses SharePoint to store all documents in one central location. Safe within your own Office 365 environment. You can share all minutes, decisions and agenda items with the participants directly from the meeting app. This way, you can be comfortable knowing that everyone always reads the latest version.

Most organisations already work with Office 365, so you probably already have the preconditions in house. 

All conference documents available from your tablet or mobile phone

Indeqa works on Windows, iOS and Android. To participate in a meeting, your mobile device is the only thing you need. In the app you have access to all previous minutes and you are able to create notes, annotations or shading elements before, during and after the meeting. 

Saving time through efficiency

As we mentioned we make the life of a secretary easier, and most of all efficient. By using the Indeqa software you are able to plan and create ahead of time. Many times the setting up of meetings and agendas consume a lot of time. But our boardmeeting software allows you to save your created agendas as templates for future meetings and you are able to drag and drop subjects to future meetings.

Curious about our software? Try our free 30 day trial and / or watch our demo videos to learn more about the software.

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