Mobile app & renewed annotation bar

Maurits Mes
Tuesday 31 July 2018

The Indeqa app is available on your phone!

e2m-for-iphoneThe Indeqa app is available on phones. This means that from now on you can also access your meetings on your mobile phone and have all your documents immediately available and always up-to-date. Whether you want to read your meetings documents prior to the meeting or whether you want to review the notes afterwards, from now on it is all possible.

Check out this page to find out how you can download the app for your device. Have you downloaded the app? We would appreciate it if you would rate the app in the store!

Renewed Annotation bar

A renewed version of the annotation bar; it is now possible to move the annotation bar to the top of the screen or to turn it off completely. In addition to this, the annotation bar has been adapted and a number of buttons have been positioned more conveniently in the annotation bar. For example: The different shapes and the colours that can be chosen now fall under one button, in order to make the annotation bar more compact and more user-friendly.


A short impression of the renewed annotation bar

You can also download release notes regarding this release.

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