Safe board meetings in the office and from home

Angela Vissers
Tuesday 22 June 2021
Regular board meetings are a critical component in order to build and sustain a successful business. A company's board has an important role when setting the agenda for the business. Determing priorities, setting goals and reviewing investment strategies, all while working closely with executive teams. Therefore organisational security has to be guarenteed for all stakeholders, whether they are working in the office or from home.
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Board meetings in the office and from home

Due to the pandemic boards have had to balance the unfamiliarity of going virtual. Shifting to virtual board meetings has allowed boards to improve their governance and collaborations through having shorter agendas, bolder conversations and broader exposure to executives and experts. This all comes with the pressures of protecting their organizations from hacking and catastrophes, which also influences your company image. And eventhough offices are starting to open again, a lot of employees are still home bound when it comes to employee limitations in the office or being quarentined.

Having secure board meetings

The pandemic shock has put vital strategic decisions on the table, sometimes without having the luxury of in-person meetings. Security and reliability are crucial when it comes to board meetings. Having the right board management software will benefit in the long run.

According to the CBS, The Netherlands registered 28 cyber crime hacking incidents per 100.000 civilians in 2019. And while hacking incidents will result into financial issues, it also influences your company image which is more difficult to rebuild. By having secured software your employees will be guarenteed with secured meetings and document sharing.

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Security on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Indeqa provides that security for you while hosted on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Platforms that meet the highest standards and norms in terms of security and reliability. With Indeqa you can;

  • Make optimal use of the functionality and security principles already present in Microsoft 365
  • Sign in with your existing Microsoft 365 account. A new account and password are not required
  • Does your organization use multi-factor authentication? If yes, this is also required for logging in to Indeqa
  • Company-sensitive documents remain under your own control
  • User rights, authorization and security from Microsoft 365
  • Indeqa is ISAE 3402 accredited
Curious to read more about our security statement? Read it here.
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