Secure meetings for housing associations within Microsoft 365

Silvan van Hierden
Wednesday 1 July 2020

Security is an important theme within housing associations and extra important when it comes to paperless meetings. After all, how do you ensure that you can safely exchange privacy-sensitive data within an online meeting environment? How do you safely invite outsiders? And how do you keep a grip on your data, without losing flexibility? In this blog we will discuss security and GDPR legislation around Indeqa and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 security

To understand how Indeqa protects your data, we need to look at the foundation of the software. Indeqa is basically an add-on for Microsoft 365. The software adapts like a chameleon, to the security principles within your organization's own Microsoft 365 infrastructure. This guarantees a seamless integration. The GDPR legislation is fully complied with and secured from Microsoft. This basis ensures a thorough security and protection of personal data and other sensitive information. 

Your data in your own environment

Unlike several other parties, Indeqa never stores your data in an external environment. Because Indeqa is a Microsoft 365 add-on, that is not necessary. All your data and meeting documents are only stored in your own environment. Because of this, files do not end up with third parties and you keep control of your data.

GDPR and management of role-based access

There is another way Indeqa guarantees GDPR proof meetings. Indeqa works with roles and rights: 'role based access'. You can manage these from your own Active Directory. The role someone has, determines which meeting documents this person may or may not view. This way, only someone with the correct rights can view the meeting documents and minutes. This goes for people inside as well as outside the organisation. As a result, your organisation keeps a full control over sensitive information and documents. This security is guaranteed by the Microsoft 365 package.

Additional security through double account for administrators

In order to work as securely as possible, administrators have - in addition to their administrator account - a separate user account for regular use. Administrators use the administrator account only when necessary. For example, to complete a task associated with their job, or to assign certain roles and permissions to employees or meeting participants. Once all management tasks are completed, the administrator logs out and switches to their user account. This provides additional security online.

Give secure access to external participants

It is also possible to invite outside parties for an online meeting. Again, you are fully secured in that situation, because as an administrator, you assign certain roles with associated rights and use Microsoft's security principles. If you want to invite external parties, the following options are available:

  • Add external guest participants to your Active DirectoryAs an administrator, you can add guest participants in the Active Directory. Administrators generally choose to add guest participants to the Active Directory when there are many external participants who will participate in meetings more often. Think of collaboration partners, or clients. Meeting organizers can add these external guest participants to the participants overview or to the meeting. These participants have limited rights and only within the meeting environment to which you add them.
  • E-mail participantsOrganizers can invite outsiders with an e-mail as well. Usually you choose this, when a guest will only be present once, or a few times at a meeting. In that case you do not add the external participant to your Active Directory. Administrators can disable this option altogether. If this option is turned off, it is not possible for meeting organizers to publish a meeting with an email participant.

As an administrator you have control over the policy of inviting external parties to meetings with Indeqa.

Multi-factor authentication

If you want to take an extra step in the security of your online meeting environment, make use of multi-factor authentication. This allows you to easily and effectively guarantee the security of an organisation. If you choose multi-factor authentication, an employee will receive an extra code, which he or she must use in addition to the normal password. Only when you log in with your password and this extra code, you enter the system. You will receive this extra code via your phone. With Indeqa you keep full control over the security of sensitive information, documents and devices.

Indeqa demo

Indeqa offers grip, because it uses your own Microsoft 365 environment. Roles and rights can be managed in your own Active Directory and you can follow your own policy on inviting extras. Want to know more about the security of Indeqa? Feel free to watch our demo videos, or try out our software by applying for a free 30-day trial. This can also be done remotely, during an online appointment.

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