board meeting with Indeqa

Board meetings with Indeqa®

Efficient, easy-to-use, Microsoft 365-based

How can Indeqa® improve your organization, and how does it affect your daily work? At Indeqa®, we strive for more pleasant meetings and better decision-making. On this page, you'll find all the benefits of paperless board meetings with Indeqa® for you as a board member.

more efficient meetings

More efficient meetings

Calendars, minutes, and documents at your fingertips

Keep an overview of all your board meetings with the Indeqa® app. All meetings are arranged by date. For each meeting, you will find the associated agenda, minutes, task & decision lists, and meeting documents together in one meeting bundle.


Any time, any place, any device

Use the Indeqa® app for Windows, iOS or Android

Use Indeqa® whenever and wherever it suits you on your device. The Indeqa® app is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. You can also use Indeqa® in a browser. Meeting documents are stored encrypted on your device for 30 days. This allows you to find and read recent meeting documents without internet access.

Better decision making

Tasks & Decisions

Better overview and grip on the process

Create tasks and decisions for each agenda item during a board meeting and assign them to people effortlessly. Date decisions and track task statuses. You can easily find a list of your tasks or use the app's excellent search function to filter status, tags, meeting types, or priority.


Easy to look back

View decisions and notes from previous meetings

Do you want to look up what is said about a particular subject? No problem. Within the Indeqa® app, all board meetings with associated meeting information and meeting documents are conveniently stored in a bundle. In addition, the app has an excellent search function, so you can quickly and efficiently find what you are looking for.

More ways Indeqa® helps your organization

Meeting documents on your SharePoint environment

Keep data in-house and prevent sensitive business information from being left on the street or stored by external parties.

Same Microsoft 365 account, same password

Indeqa® is installed on the Microsoft 365 environment of your organization, so log in with your current Microsoft 365 password.

More sustainable organization

Switch to paperless meetings with Indeqa® and save a large stack of paper every meeting.

Microsoft Roadmap

We develop Indeqa® according to the Microsoft Roadmap. Therefore it is always up-to-date, future-proof, and secure.

Work more efficiently

When using Indeqa® different time-consuming processes are replaced by one simple action. This allows you to work faster in a more relaxed manner.


Worry-free implementation due to Microsoft 365 integration

Like the rest of the Microsoft software family, Indeqa® is user-friendly. This makes time-consuming installation processes and extensive user training unnecessary.


Download the Indeqa® app for your device

The app is available for iOS, Windows and Android