Advantages for the IT Manager

Microsoft 365-based, safe and clear

With Indeqa, you can be sure of a flawless collaboration with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to make optimal use of the already existing Microsoft 365 functionalities and its security principles.

Do you want to know what this means for you as an IT manager? Then keep reading.


Microsoft Roadmap & reliability

Always up-to-date, future-proof, and secure

Indeqa® is fully developed according to the Microsoft Roadmap and, therefore, always up-to-date and future-proof. Indeqa® is hosted partially on your Microsoft 365 environment and partially on our own Microsoft Azure environment. Platforms that comply with the highest standards in terms of reliability and availability.


Microsoft 365 based

Same accounts, same passwords

Indeqa® is installed on your Microsoft 365 environment. This allows administrators and board meeting participants to use their existing Microsoft 365 accounts for the Indeqa app. There's no need for a new password. Is multi-factor authentication set within your organization? Then this is automatically set for Indeqa® too.


Business-sensitive documents

Managed in-house in your SharePoint environment

All board meeting documents are stored in your SharePoint environment, so you always keep them in your management. Documents are automatically converted to pdf when added to a meeting. Annotations are projected as a separate layer over the pdf documents and stored separately from the original document. The annotations are (technically) not part of the document and can only be viewed by the author himself. This prevents accidental sharing. Conscious sharing is possible after an extra action.


User management

Manage rights, authorization, and security in SharePoint

Efficiently manage user rights from your SharePoint environment. For this, you need contributory or editing rights for your SharePoint environment. With reading rights, you can only participate in meetings to which you are invited. External users can also participate in a meeting without logging in to Indeqa®.

Check out our security statement

To find an answer on all your security-related questions!

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