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After switching to Office 365, de Nederlandse ggz was looking for a user-friendly meeting solution.

Case: de Nederlandse ggz

About de Nederlandse ggz 

De Nederlandse ggz is the Dutch trade association for mental health and addiction care institutions. The organisation's mission is to strengthen the mental health of people in a safe and inclusive society. The association wants to contribute to this by representing the interests of its members in the best possible way, and by reaching good agreements with the government, politicians, insurers, patient organisations, and other partners.

There are about one hundred ggz institutions affiliated with de Nederlandse ggz. The branch association represents about 90% of the personnel in mental health care. The association itself employs about fifty employees, including Laura Verra, Manager Business Support and her colleague Brigitte Verlaan, Secretary.
Case GGZ

The question 

De Nederlandse ggz had been using a digital meeting solution for some time, but that system was slow and outdated. There was a need for an easier and more flexible system within the organisation. Shortly before, de Nederlandse ggz had made the switch to Office 365.

Laura Verra, Manager Business Support:

When we made our choice, we believed that a good integration with SharePoint was important, as was the ability to work in the cloud. In addition, we wanted an easily accessible system where you can easily invite external parties. The fact that 95% of our meetings are attended by external parties makes this necessary. Finally, it had to be a secure, GDPR proof meeting solution.

VX Company advises Indeqa as the best meeting software

Fixed IT service and IT advice party VX Company took care of the previously mentioned smooth and successful migration to working with Office 365. When searching for the right meeting software, VX Company advised the meeting software of Indeqa. This because of the basis in Office 365 and therefore the obvious compatibility with all other software. In addition, the security and user-friendliness of the software also played a role in their consideration.
After reviewing the options, de Nederlandse ggz decided to follow the advice. Shortly after, the add-on of Indeqa was added and the organisation could start using the meeting software.

The solution: working more smoothly with Indeqa and saving hours of time per meeting 

Meanwhile, our first meetings with Indeqa are behind us. "It's so much easier and we save lots of time!" tells secretary Brigitte. Brigitte is the first secretary within de Nederlandse ggz who works with the software. She switched to Indeqa in January 2020. This suits her so well that they have decided that all secretaries and all meetings will switch to the new meeting software before the end of this year.

Brigitte Verlaan, secretary

During this transition phase we are still working with the two systems next to each other: so both the old meeting software and Indeqa. Now the difference is noticeable: for a meeting I always prepare all the pieces. At Indeqa I am ready within an hour. In the old system it takes me 3 to 4 hours. The other day - using the old system - I was finished after an afternoon's work. I still had to press 1 button to process everything and then it turned out that the system did not execute the order to prepare. A whole afternoon of work for nothing! Indeqa is much more reliable. Working with this software is a relief!


User-friendly, secure meeting software

In the next few months, de Nederlandse ggz wants to migrate to Indeqa in phases. Laura sees many advantages:

Uppermost is the user-friendliness of the app. That saves us a lot of time and we can work more pleasantly. The software complies with the GDPR and helps to establish good, fixed procedures. We are still very enthusiastic!


Useful features during a meeting with Indeqa

Also during the meeting Brigitte experiences the convenience of the app. For herself as a secretary and for the participants in meetings: "Even during the meeting we can add annotations and everyone reads along immediately. This prevents me from having to adjust minutes afterwards, because participants already know what it says. At the end of the meeting I can use the note-taking option, where the agenda is filled in immediately. This saves a lot of time working out the minutes. ”

Brigitte continues: "It's useful that I can refresh and add documents during the meeting. This used to take an hour, which in practice meant that I sometimes had to copy, print and hand out something in between. That took time and was experienced as annoying. Now I can take care of this within seconds and I can continue the meeting as usual".

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The difference is noticeable: for a meeting I always prepare all the pieces. At Indeqa I can be finished in an hour. In the old system it takes me 3 to 4 hours.  Indeqa is also much more reliable. Working with this software is a relief!

Brigitte Verlaan
Secretary at de Nederlandse ggz