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Secure paperless meetings with the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 security


Our customer: Woontij Housing Corporation

The Dutch housing corporation Woontij manages around 2,200 homes in Den Helder, Julianadorp and on the island of Texel. Especially in the city of Den Helder, they concentrate on special target groups, such as the elderly, young people and people with disabilities. This distinguishes them from other housing corporations and allows them to develop as a ‘housing-wellbeing-healthcare’ corporation in the region. Etienne van Bennekom is chairman with Woontij, and one of his responsibilities is the corporation’s IT structure.

Indeqa is so simple that we used the meeting app even before the training course. And if I encountered a problem, they helped me quickly and efficiently. Working with Indeqa is incredibly easy and the service is always perfect. - (Etienne van Bennekom, Chair at Woontij Housing Corporation)


Finding a safer alternative with our experience with paperless meetings

The corporation has been using paperless meetings since 2010. Van Bennekom says, “We used to use Dropbox to collect the files for the MT meetings, and we made notes on paper. Back then, we thought this worked just fine, but our accountant pointed out a lack of good security. We had to find a safer alternative. That’s what Indeqa offers.”


Meeting more efficiently with the useful tools of Indeqa

Bennekom: “We tried various options, including iBabs. They even presented a demo, but in the end, we went with Indeqa.  The general efficiency that Indeqa offers was what did it for us. We have gained much from this way of notating: you make you own notes in the meeting document and you can respond to the notes of others, even during the meetings. Items are discussed much more efficiently and faster. This is an advantage we didn’t expect.”

Indeqa. An efficient meeting tool

In August, Woontij began using Indeqa. Bennekom: “The Management Team of Woontij consists of only four people. We all have management rights, so that everyone can see everything and plan meetings. This works very well for us, because we don’t need secretaries to arrange these things. Arranging meetings now hardly takes any time at all.”

Good collaboration

Woontij likes the meeting app so much that the supervisory board has also switched to paperless meetings with Indeqa. They, too, are very satisfied with the collaboration. Bennekom: “It’s remarkable how accessible everyone is with Indeqa. They are so grounded and approachable if you have questions, even after you’ve already signed. If we had to choose again, we’d make the same choice again in a heartbeat.”