How do I add annotations or comments to my meeting documents?

As a board meeting participant it is of course nice if you can make annotations on a document. Within Indeqa there are several ways to do this.

As a meeting participant you can open meeting documents within the meeting and add annotations and/or comments. For each annotation or comment you can also indicate whether you want to keep it to yourself or share it with other participants in the meeting.

In the video below we show you the different forms of annotation in Indeqa.


Tip: Do you want to see what notes you have made in a different meeting document? Switch quickly between documents by selecting the agenda view.


New (release April 2021): It is also possible to add your annotations and comments offline (i.e. without internet or WiFi).  These will be automatically synced at a later point in time when you are back online. Very convenient if you are without internet for a while.