How can I change the general settings of Indeqa?

When using the Indeqa app it is nice to know where you can change your general settings. For example where you can change your preferred language or where you can change your settings related to security and accessibility.

To go to your settings, go to the cogwheel in the lower left corner of the navigation bar. See the image below.

instellingen aanpassen e2m

General Institutions

In the video below we explain how to change the general settings of Indeqa. The following is possible:

  1. Changing the language
  2. Change preference for bullet points
  3. Add a copy of a meeting document to the archive
  4. Preference in the numbering for tasks and decisions

Settings as Administrator

In addition, as an Administrator you have more rights to change settings. These settings relate in particular to security and integration with Microsoft 365. Think of adding external users, integration with Outlook/Exchange, assigning rights to the organiser and participant app of Indeqa and finally regulating the user management for invoicing.