How can I install Indeqa on my SharePoint environment?

You can easily install Indeqa on your SharePoint environment in 5 minutes.

 Prepare upfront:
  • Names of the meeting rooms (e.g. board meeting)
  • Names of members of the secretariat per forum who support the meetings.
  • Login credentials of a Global Administrator (for giving an AAD censent)

Step 1: Create a new SharePoint site.

Go to the SharePoint admin center and create a new Team site. Create a new team site for each meeting environment. For a handy overview, use the prefix Indeqa for the site name / URL (e.g. Indeqa-Managementment-Meeting).

The admin of the new site collection is the standard IT management account, usually the same account with which the installation is executed.

Make sure the time zone settings are set correctly. Before the site is created.

Step 2: Give organizers permissions on the SharePoint site.

Use the management account to go to the relevant SharePoint sites and add the organizers (secretaries) as members of the site.

Attention! The participants are not added via SharePoint

Step 3: Give Indeqa the organizer consent.
With a Global Administrator account go to and after logging in, give Indeqa the consent to communicate with the SharePoint environment.

Step 4: Add the SharePoint sites to Indeqa.

With a Global Administrator account go to and fill in the URL of the newly created SharePoint sites. This has to be done separately for each site.

Step 5: Check the installation.

With a Global Administrator account go to and check if all newly created sites are visible in the drop-down menu. Then open a site from this drop-down. There are then two more points of attention:

  • If Indeqa is not activated yet enter your activation code at the top of the banner.
  • Go to the bottom left and choose Azure AD. The first yellow button is already executed (consent organizer).. The other yellow button still needs to be executed. When executed the button will turn green. This will mean that you don’t need to do the action again. 


Indeqa is ready to use!

Need help with the installation? Request a license code or training in using Indeqa. Please contact us.