How can I log in to Indeqa?

As a participant, you can log into Indeqa with 2 types of accounts. Microsoft accounts and Indeqa accounts. We will explain the difference and how to know which one to use.

Microsoft account

The most common method of logging into Indeqa is with a Microsoft account. You can then log in using the red 'Microsoft account' button in our apps or web application. If you participate in meetings from your own organization you will have to log in with your own organization account. This is the same account which you also use Outlook, Teams or SharePoint, for example.

You may also be participating in meetings at an organization as an external guest. If they have invited you to a Microsoft account on their environment then you can also log in with that Microsoft account. This can then be either an account from another organization's Microsoft 365 account or a personal Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, Live).

If you participate in Indeqa meeting with a Microsoft account, you don't need a separate password. You must then log in with the account and password you already use for that account.

Indeqa account

If you take part in meetings as an external via Indeqa, an Indeqa account may also have been created for you. When you were invited to Indeqa, you will then have received an e-mail containing a password. You can then log in to Indeqa with your e-mail and that password. You will have to use the white 'Indeqa account' button for this. You will also always be able to change or recover your password if you forget it.

Need more help signing in?

Contact the organizer who invited you to the Indeqa meeting. Organizers can easily check in the portal how you have been added to Indeqa and how you can sign in.