Where can I suggest product features that I would like to see in Indeqa?

Do you have a suggestion how we can improve Indeqa? We believe that Indeqa will be better by its users and appreciate your input. That is why we made it possible for everybody to submit the features they would like to see.

As an Organizer or Meeting participant you use Indeqa on a frequent, and maybe even daily base. By using the app and organizer environment you might think of new features that we did not yet think of, or find errors that slipped through our testing phase. Information that is extremely valuable for us!

That is why we made it possible for everybody to submit features they would like to see (and also errors you run into). Follow this link to share your ideas with us.

It is also possible to vote for ideas that have been submitted by others and that you would like see in Indeqa. The more votes, the sooner we will review your innovative idea and possibly add it to the roadmap. 

The voting and submitting ideas can be done completely anonymously. This protects your privacy, but also means that we cannot reach you with any updates on features you submitted or voted for. 

Disclaimer = submitting a feature does not mean it will actually be build. This depends on the response of the community, planning, resources and external developments.