How do I get the Indeqa add-in for Outlook?

Are you the one who organises and publishes the meetings in your organisation? With the help of the Outlook Add-in this will become even easier!

The Outlook Add-in ensures that when you plan a meeting in Indeqa, this meeting will also end up directly in Outlook. It is also possible to convert an existing Outlook appointment to an Indeqa meeting.

Attention! To be able to use this Add-in you need to use Outlook.

The Outlook Add-in of indeqa can be downloaded here:

  • MSI installer (Latest version: - For managed environments. The MSI is not updated automatically.

Do you get an error message (0x8007007E*) saying "The following Microsoft Office solution cannot be installed due to a general installer error" during installation? Then you can download and install 'Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime' here to fix this error message.

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