How can I get an overview of tasks?

As an Organizer or Participant of Indeqa it is handy to keep an overview of the active tasks. Either for a single meeting or for all meetings. Indeqa offers the possibility to view this in a handy overview.

How to open up the complete overview of open tasks

Within the toolbar on the left side, you'll see a couple of options to click on. Meetings will open up an overview of all the planned meetings for example. You also have the option to click on Tasks. This will give a complete overview of every task within your Indeqa environment. Using the filter option you can find quickly what you are looking for.

How to open up tasks in a single meeting.

When you open a meeting within the Indeqa app, underneath the Participants paragraph you see the headline for 'Tasks'. You can click this open for an overview of the current tasks within this meeting. Within this overview you can see the status, due date and if this task is related to a topic. 

You can also create new tasks if desired.

Once you start creating the minutes, the tasks will automatically be included within the file.