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How does Indeqa handle the authentication provided by Microsoft?

Indeqa uses the standard Microsoft authentication model.

Within Indeqa authenticating with a Microsoft account is the default. For using the portal as organizer or admin this is the only way.

Authentication with a Microsoft account means that user's login with a Microsoft account. An administrator must grant permission to the Indeqa AD applications for your users to be able to sign in. Users are then logging in with Microsoft who verifies their login and communicates this back to Indeqa. This way Microsoft handles the authentication of users.

This brings several benefits. One of them is that if your organization uses MFA this will be enforced here as well. Other security policies set by your organization for users, groups and applications will take effect as well.

This also enables Indeqa to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365. This way we can store documents on SharePoint on behalf of the logged in users. Or send out meeting invites through Outlook.

Note. There is an option to create specific Indeqa accounts for external users. For those users this doesn’t apply.