I have received a meeting request, but I can’t open a meeting directly in the app. Why is that?

After clicking on the link in the meeting request, it just opens the web app instead of the participant app on your device. There can be several reasons, and solutions, to this problem.

Do you have the correct version of the app?
You need to have version 1.8.8 of the app (or newer) installed on your device in order to use this function (the version number can be found at the bottom right of the login screen). If you have an older version, you can update the app in the corresponding app store.

Versie deelnemersapp engels KB

Are you using a Windows device?
With Windows, the app does not open immediately, but an extra step has to be taken by clicking on the Open button after the web app has been started.

Webapp KB Engels e2m

Are you using an iPhone or iPad?
There is a known Apple iOS bug that occurs on some devices from iOS 11.2. onward. You may be affected by this bug. The problem is not due to Indeqa, but unfortunately Indeqa is affected by it. In this case the only solution is: remove the Indeqa app, restart your phone or tablet and reinstall the app. We sympathise with you, but unfortunately, we cannot make this any better than it is.