How do I add more information to agenda items with topic metadata?

It is now possible to add more information to an agenda item in your board meeting agenda.

With this function it is possible to add: the duration, the person who is responsible for a specific agenda item and the type of agenda item. This information can also be added to the agenda and minutes templates. Read this article to see how.

Topic details Indeqa
Duration of topic:
This shows you how long the agenda item will lasts. This time is in minutes.  For example: 10 = 10 minutes.

Topic owner: 
Here you can add the person who is responsible for the topic item. This does not give this person any rights to edit the topic!

Topic type:
This will gives the organizers the option to define a topic. For the organizers is is possible to create the topic types by themselves. Organizers can do this by clicking on the pencil on the right of 'Type of agenda item'.

Topic type