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How do you share meeting information with participants without them using the (web)app?

Indeqa has different types of participants who receive information about the meeting they are participating in in different ways.

By default, participants can retrieve their meeting information from the Indeqa apps or web application. Here, they can log in with their account and access the agenda, documents and other information.

In addition, it is also possible to share meeting information with participants without using the apps or web application. We call this e-mail participation mode. You can change any participant to an e-mail participant. This participant will no longer be able to log in to Indeqa. The participant will receive their information via e-mail. When publishing a meeting, these participants will then receive the agenda via e-mail. This will include downlinks for the meeting documents. These participants will still receive a calendar appointment in Outlook for the meeting. If you want to give the user access to the information but not invite him to the meeting see: ‘Reader groups’. 

Below we show how to convert a participant to an e-mail user. 

Note. An administrator of your organisation must first allow this as it is a less secure way of working. To allow this, go to settings in the portal and in the 'Security & compliance' section activate the 'Allow email participants' option.