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How does Indeqa share attachments with (external) meeting participants?

Meeting documents are made available to participants in a safe and easy way.

Documents added to Indeqa are stored on SharePoint within your own tenant. Documents are then made available to participants via our application. This means Indeqa checks whether a participant is part of the meeting and therefore has access to the document. If so, the document will be retrieved and shown to the participant.

In the web application participants can view those documents. They are downloaded to the browser but are not saved. Participants will therefore not be able to access the documents at a later time outside Indeqa. The document won’t leave the secured environment of Indeqa.

Our native apps will, however, download the documents. Documents are then stored in a secure and encrypted container. And are thus not available outside the Indeqa app. There is an additional option for the apps that allows participants to export the documents. Then they can save the file to their hard drive or share it over e-mail. However, this must be allowed by an administrator. For this, see the 'Export attachments (participants app)' option in the portal at settings under the 'Security & Compliance' section.

It is also possible to share meeting information and documents with participants via e-mail. Again, this must be explicitly authorised by an administrator. On this page you will find more information about this option.