5 reasons why Indeqa adds more value to your boardmeetings

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Tuesday 13 July 2021
Meetings have to be efficient and effective. Participants want to leave the meeting feeling energized and proactive. Effective boardmeetings have to be interesting and make the participants feel energized with a main goal. A goal where teams and the management work together to create new ideas, decisions and solve problems. The best managers and executive assistants understand the importance of these meetings and understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a highly effective boardmeeting. This has been the motivation behind our boardmeeting software. Indeqa has been developed to support management assistants and boardmembers to get the most out of their boardmeetings and the preparation. In today's article we will provide 5 reasons why Indeqa adds more value to your meetings.

Time saving and more efficient

The Indeqa boardmeeting software has been developed with the purpose to create more efficiency to meetings. When it comes to agenda management you are able to adapt the agenda according to your own needs. With the organizer you are able to set up the agenda way in advance and drag and drop the agenda items in the right order. Tasks and decisions can be added per agenda item and assigned to specific participants.
With the Indeqa software you are able to create meetings in an efficient way by creating templates. Therefore you do not have to start from scratch when you are planning your meetings. Preset your agenda items, participants, location and organizors in advance with one single click.

Overview of meetings, agenda's and documents

The planning of boardmeetings and required documents can be very time consuming. A lot of time can be spared by creating an efficient overview of the meetings, agenda's and documents which in return can be spend on other tasks. As a management assistant or organizer you have access to the 'organizer environment' in the Indeqa software. In this environment all meetings can be created and maintained. Easily add documents to a planned boardmeeting en directly invite workers or external participants.

Integration with Microsoft 365

One of the biggest perks of the Indeqa boardmeeting software is that the software integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. With this integration the management secretary is able to log in with their own Microsoft 365 account. Due to the Microsoft integration the meeting will be added instantly into the agenda of the invited partipants. Another efficient add on is that documents are able to be added through Sharepoint and will be converted into a PDF file. With a single click documents can be send digitally to the participants.

Easily create notes and annotations

No more paper documents needed with the Indeqa meeting software. Our boardmeeting software offers direct access to Microsoft Word templates to create notes. The agenda items, tasks and decisions will automaticly be presented in the right order and synchronised with the software. During the boardmeeting, documents can be shared among participants and exported or printed straight out of our software.

Security of documents

The last reason why Indeqa adds more value to your boardmeetings is probably the least appealing for management secretaries, security. Security and reliability are crucial when it comes to boardmeetings. When the board sets priorities, determines goals, and decides on investments strategies, it is mandatory to have the proper security that will protect the information that is discussed during those meetings. Indeqa guarantees that security by integrating with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Both platforms are highly used among organizations and meet the highest standards and norms when it comes to security and reliability.
 To ehance the security Indeqa has created the option to log in with Multi-factor authentication and we are ISAE 3402 certified. With these security measures your documents are protected and under your control.
When taking these 5 valuable reasons into account, we are able to say that Indeqa has the total package to add more effectiveness and efficiency to your role as a secretary and organizer. We strive to have you save time and effort by using our boardmeeting software and love to guide you towards that goal. Watch our demo videos or try out our software by applying for a free 30 day trial 
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