Let artificial intelligence (AI) support you.

 Did you know that you can apply artificial intelligence to simplify your work as a secretary or meeting organizer? Find out what's possible using the beta release of Decisions' AI-powered meeting platform.
But beware, the possibilities are being expanded. 

Minutes generated with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)

Beta launch of meeting minutes generated by AI. The ability to generate meeting minutes from AI is one of the most requested features by users of MeetingCulture.ai. Now it is possible!


Create a meeting summary

Immediately after leaving the meeting, create a brief summary based on information from the chat, details of invitations, transcripts and more. This summary includes tasks, important 'takeaways and decisions that were named.

Meeting Recap Optimized

Ask Meeting Decisions to create an agendaitem

Within your Teams chat, ask Decisions to add agenda items to existing meetings including attachments, length, type, etc. Decisions understands this and makes a topic suggestion that you can approve or that is submitted for approval.

Decisions Chat AI

Agenda generator

Create an agenda automatically, even from 0. Based on relevant meeting information from Teams and Outlook, including details, an agenda is proposed within seconds that you can then view, modify or approve.

Meeting Culture agenda


Start your week off right with an overview of your work including meetings to go out prepared.  


Ask for a demo specific to your organization.