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Meetings and decision-making in Education 


Within Education, it is common to schedule a series of meetings based on a meeting schedule for various meeting forums such as the Participation Council, Supervisory Board and Executive Board. 

Preparing the agenda, offering the meeting documents, recording decisions and actions is often a time-consuming activity for the organizers. The invitees, in turn, need a well-secured meeting environment where they can prepare and annotate meeting documents as well as discuss and the chairperson wants to monitor the meeting process by paying attention to time and efficient decision making. 

By choosing Meeting Decisions, you have a Microsoft365 solution available to structure your meeting process and make it more efficient.

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Management assistants

As an organizer, you can schedule meetings based on the meeting schedule.

The meeting templates help you quickly create the agenda for each type of meeting and add the meeting documents.

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Members of the Board and Management

As an attendee, you get access to the meeting agenda and documents. In preparation for the meeting, you can go through the Action List, and annotate on documents. Participating in a meeting can be done remotely or physically on different devices.

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Chairman and Note-taker

As chairman, you can monitor time by starting the Timer in. During the meeting you can start a voting session to adopt a Decision and record new Actions. 

As Notetaker, you can prepare the Minutes during and after the meeting and submit the minutes for revision.

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Meeting library

All meeting information and documents are automatically stored in a private library. Only authorized people can access this information. The extensive search capabilities make it easy to find an Agenda Item, Decision or Meeting document.


"Meeting Decisions reduces the time it takes to create and compile documents for the agenda and minutes, keeps everything in one place, easily accessible, and communicates transparently and efficiently with meeting participants . Meeting time allocation ensures that agenda items remain concise and to the point."
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