A checklist to prevent unnecessary meetings

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Tuesday 8 June 2021

Can you remember the last time that you have had an amazing meeting? A meeting full of energized colleagues, important information was discussed, and important decisions were made? More likely you will remember the terrible ones; where you did not really had to be at, where all your colleagues were mentally checked out, or the one where your colleague kept asking questions and everybody wanted to leave. Sometimes a meeting is necessary to get everyone in the same room to let magic happen. But sometimes a well structured email or chat might also suffice. So take a look through our checklist before you book your next board meeting, with the Indeqa board meeting software of course! And ask yourself if you really need that meeting.

Do I have an agenda?

Before you are going to invite everybody it is important to analyse why a meeting has to take place. Are there any topics that need to be discussed? If not, take some time for strategic thinking to find out what you want to achieve with the meeting.Continue by writing down an actual agenda of points to address. This way you are able to share it with the attendees beforehand. Did you know that you are able to create agenda templates with the board meeting software that Indeqa provides? Hereby your preset agenda items, participants, location and organizer(s) will be added in one click.

Do I have all the information that is necessary?

Ask yourself what you need in order to make progress. There is nothing worse than introducing an issue, only to realise you don’t have all the ins- and outs to make a decision. Take the time to collect all necessary information before thinking about booking the time of your colleagues. 

Is the information valuable for everyone?

Before planning the meeting it is important to ask yourself whom the information is valuable for. Is it a whole office affair or does it only concern a few people? Sometimes it is easier to hop by someone’s desk when it asks for a quick one-on-one chat. When the issue asks for a larger audience it is important to check if all team members will be able to attend. You need to take the time to find out if people with the key information and decision making power will be available.

What is the urgency?

There is nothing worse than sending an urgent email and not getting a response.Group chats can be a good option to obtain direct feedback, but sometimes a board meeting is the only way to require a direct response and decision. With Indeqa you are able to prepare your board meetings and set your agenda in advance. Drag and drop the agenda items in the right order, make use of sub-levels and share the agenda easily with the participants. With our software you will save so much time that you are able to ask yourself if a meeting really is necessary.

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