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Thursday 26 August 2021

The preparation and closing of a meeting can consume a lot of time. In the previous articles we have provided tips and tricks about subjects as; efficient and effective agenda's. An effective way to take control of your time. However, meetings bring a lot of administration and documentation. We have provided the perfect solution when it comes to collecting and maintaining the documents for your meeting. Our meeting bundle! A function that is realised on request of our customers.

Wat are you able to do with the meeting bundle?

The meeting bundle is a new feature in the Indeqa software. Previously all documents needed to be download one by one. This was very time consuming and easily for errors to slip in. With the meeting bundle you have the possibility to generate multiple documents at once. This saves time and all documents will be added to the right file. The meeting participants are able to view the meeting bundle via the participant app.

How do I generate a meeting bundle?

In the Indeqa organizer you are able to create a meeting bundle where all documents are generated into one file. It is quite a simple task to create a meeting bundle. To do so; you need to go the the agenda, as where you are able to see the 'generate meeting bundle' tab.

The meeting bundle can als be edited very easily. To edit the meeting bundle you need to go to your agenda, meeting bundle and click 'edit'. This is quite conveniant for when last minute documents need to be added to the bundle. These short steps will make the meeting bundle an efficient way to collect and share documents. For more information on how to generate the meeting bundle we refer you to our knowledge base.

How do I generate a meeting bundle as an organizer?

The perks of a meeting bundle:

  • Time saving
  • Effective way to share documents
  • All documents in 1 bundle
  • Less risks in document version management.

What are you waiting for?

The meeting bundle will be live with our latest update on the 2nd of September. Mark this date in your agenda, because your work environment will become even more efficient!

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