An efficient way of creating effective agendas

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Tuesday 10 August 2021
Having an effective agenda is the first step to have a well structured meeting. An effective agenda allows you to reach several types of goals; become well prepared, create insight into the purpose and providing a clear overview for all attendees. In today's article we wll discuss what an effective agenda entails and how to keep the process efficient.

A good agenda states the following topics;

Who, what, where, when?

Basically the standard information that has to be stated in the agenda. Such as the date, timeslot, location ( and meeting link, for online meetings.

Why? The purpose of the meeting

It is important to pay attention to the purpose of the meeting so all attendees will know the goal of the meeting. By knowing the goal or the 'why' of the meeting, personnel is able to prepare in advance.


When a meeting has a large amount of attendees it might be a conveniant time for announcements. 

The actual topics

For each item you want to briefly describe what the topic is about and refer to documents when needed.

Whatever else comes up for discussion

This agenda item is created for short questions and updates that will require no discussions.


During the closing you are able to summarize the meeting, or look back to see if the meeting goal has been achieved,

An efficient way of creating agendas

Our software is designed around the boardmeeting agenda. When using the agenda in our software you are able to enter date, timeslot and attendees in advance. By using the Indeqa boardmeeting software you are also able to move agenda items to future meetings. This is a very timesaving and efficient way of creating meeting agenda's, especially because you are able to add the same data and information for follow up meetings in a few clicks.

How to move agenda items to future meetings?

When you move your agenda item to a future meeting, any sub-items and attachments will be moved with the item. You are able to choose to which meeting the item should be moved towards.
Firstly, click on the arrow as seen in the image below, to move an agenda item.
Klik op het pijltje om een agendapunt te verplaatsen
Secondly, select a future meeting to move the agenda item towards.
Selecteer een vergadering om het agendapunt heen te verplaatsen

Create reacuring meetings

Besides moving agenda items to future meetings it is also a possibility to copy meetings to the future. When you have created a meeting that you want to continue to use in the future, you are able to copy it. Spicify how much, how often and at what interval the meeting should be taking place. These meetings will automaticly be added into the Outlook agenda. Click on the button as seen in the image below to copy a meeting.
KB vergadering kopieren.
Due to the fact that the Indeqa software is integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure you are able to have your safe working environment combined with efficient tools to create effective meetings and agendas. Haven't tried out our boardmeeting software yet? Download our free 30 day trial right now to get started!
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