Big update with Azure AD Integration

Martin Lingstuyl
Friday 27 May 2016

Indeqa has been updated with new functionality. We're proud to present that secretaries can now directly add users and groups from the Azure Active Directory. With this improvement it's easier then ever to add users to meetings or assign them to tasks. The importance of this will become clear if one is using the Indeqa app on multiple SharePoint sites. This is practiced by many, with the goal of managing meetings of different teams on the specific sites of those teams. Users no longer need to be added multiple times if they are involved in multiple teams, but can be fetched directly from the Active Directory.


The use of Azure AD groups has an added advantage. Groups are dynamic. If a user leaves a group and a new one is added, this has instant reflection on the access those users have as meeting participants. Old participants will automatically loose access to the meetings that the group is participating in. New participants automatically have access to view all meetings that the group is participating in. (Also those in the past)

Two factor authentication

Meeting participants can now sign in through Azure AD, in the same way as they are used to when accessing other Microsoft services. This includes the use of such benefits as Two Factor Authentication when signing in to the Indeqa tablet app.


Up till now, Indeqa had an app for Windows 8 / 10 tablets or pc's, and an app for iPad. The Android tablet app has been added to our device family to give more users easy access with their own device.

Outlook permissions and presence and absence

The way participants are set to present or absent on the minutes has been improved. And we've changed the way secretaries can push appointments to participant calendars. In the old situation, a secretary needed a specific Exchange-role. In the new situation secretaries can push appointments if they have received 'Author' permissions from the participant. If this permission is lacking, Indeqa will send invites instead.

Continuous deployment

We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process we are indepted to many customers giving feedback and ideas that we can review and add to our roadmap. If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know by filling in our contact form.

If you want to know more details regarding this release, click here to review our Release Notes.

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