Create notes and annotations during meetings

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Tuesday 3 August 2021
Board meetings are often full of information and decision making subjects. In order that no one forgets or information gets misinterpret, notes and annotations are important to look back at after meetings end. Therefore notes and annotations have high value for an organisation and it's board. In today's article we will discuss the importance of making notes and annotations during meetings and how to create them.

The importance of making notes and annotations during meetings

Taking notes makes it possible to remember what happened. What decisions were made? What actions need to be taken afterwards? And what information will need to be added to the follow-up meeting? Notes come in very handy as they create a memory by writing. 
Another important factor of notes and annotations is that people whom were not able to attend the meeting are able to read all discussed information afterwards. By having annotations connected to topics the absent teammembers are still able to form an idea or picture in their head about what was mentioned. This also creates efficiency as you are able to only invite attendees required to provide information or make a decision in the meeting, the rest of the stakeholders are able to read the notes later on.
When creating notes the board meetings are automaticly focussed on results. When writing down goals and objectives there is simply no way around it. It instantly becomes more real. A problem state in writing demands attention. This also matters when assigning an owner and due date as the team emediately has an 'aweful lot' to do.
Written notes create agreements as they have more intention to keep your 'promise' to. There is something different about seeing a promise or agreement in writing, so you have to stick to the agreement. And by sending out the notes after the meeting the awareness around the agreement creates social pressure so it sticks.
Lastly taking notes makes people feel heard and builds trust in their capabilities. When writing down opinions, ideas, and decisions you are encouraging everyone to contribute to the meeting and being respectful and professional towards each other while doing so. This also creates a group bonding.

How to create notes effciently during meetings?

All secretary or note taker have their own way or tool to take their notes during meetings. Some people love to do it by paper and some use a word file. However by creating notes efficiently you are able to spend your time on other tasks and you would never want to return to your word or note book.
Indeqa has the software that brings joy to all note takers. With the Indeqa software you are able to create your notes efficiently in your Indeqa work environment, attendees are able to view your notes in real time and to create more efficiency you are able to send the notes to all attendees by one simple click. Your files will automaticly be created in a pdf file ready to be send or printed.

How to create efficient annotations during meetings?

Annotations are often created in a word file or on paper, likely the same as the note taking. They might even get noted down on the printed agenda lying on the table. However paper documents tend to get lost or only meant to be for one person.
The Indeqa software allows you to take annotations during the meeting. These annotations are also able to be shared live with the attendees. Don't want to share your annotations? Or do you only want to share annotations with specific attendees? Possible! You are able to set which attendee has access to your annotation and who does not.
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