Indeqa available on any device and integration with Teams!

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Friday 14 July 2017

Working from any device!

It's brand new; our online app with which you can, from this day forward, use any type of device to use Indeqa. Our app can be downloaded from the application stores and is available through Participants are able to work any time, anywhere and from any device. Login with your favorite browser. Can also be used in conjunction with Citrix/RDP.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Last spring, Microsoft introduced a new way of collaborating in the Office 365 suite: Microsoft Teams. This is an online workspace with integrated chat functionality in Office 365. Teams is available for Office 365 business users and brings together the different Microsoft applications like PowerPoint and Word in one centralized hub. Here you can work together and communicate with any group of people on any shared interest or project.

It is now possible to integrate Indeqa in this Microsoft Teams experience. Add Indeqa to your workspace and access your meetings without switching applications and without leaving Teams!


What updates can you expect?

The mentioned new possibilities are aimed at meeting participants. To make organizing meetings through Indeqa even simpler, a new application will be added to the Indeqa product family shortly. This concerns an Outlook add-in, with which meeting organizers will be able to use their normal Outlook workflow to create appointments and add these to Indeqa. After we have tested this application with a few customers, it will be released to all active customers.


Using an existing Outlook appointment in Indeqa.

Create an Indeqa meeting based on the appointment, with the right meeting type.

Check the data and create the meeting!

Continuous updates and improvement

Indeqa is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know by sending an e-mail to: or filling in our contact form.

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