In-app learning for better user adoption within Indeqa

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Monday 15 July 2019

In our previous Product Update you can read about the improved minutes functionality. The changes have been well received by the people who work with them on a daily basis. Of course we are very happy with this.

This Product Update: in-app learning function for better user adoption 

In this Product Update we will tell you more about Happit: a smart manual that guides you as an organizer in the use of Indeqa. Nothing changes in the way you work. You only get an extra functionality that you can turn on according to your needs. You don't have to do anything for this; Happit starts the next time you open Indeqa.

Let's introduce: Happit

Happit onBelow you will see what Happit looks like on your screen. The Happit icon resembles Mister Clippy; the Office Assistant in old versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You could use Mister Clippy to question your current activities. That's exactly what Happit does, but modern and custom made for Indeqa.

Why Happit?

Organizers of Indeqa generally have very few questions. In the past, if a question arose, the organizers would look for their own answer via Google, or they would send us an e-mail. Of course, this is still possible. In addition, with Happit you can now find answers in your current workplace.

Testers are enthusiastic

A large customer of Indeqa with hundreds of users has already used the Happit service with great satisfaction in recent months. Now we are opening the function to everyone.

Starting with Happit

The next time you start up, you will see a pop-up with an announcement of Happit. You can choose whether you want to watch the introductory video explaining Happit or not. The Happit icon can now be seen on the right side of your screen, just below the middle. You can easily switch Happit on or off at this point.

pop up happit

Receive answers in 2 ways: Happspots or magnifying glass

Happit gives you an explanation by means of movies or texts. There are two routes to get answers to your questions:

  • You can go to a Happspot at the place where you have a question. These Happspots appear on the right side of your screen when you switch on Happit. They are recognizable as a green ball with a border. With a single click on a Happspot, a fold-out screen appears with information that fits the context.

In context informatie

  • Besides, you can use the magnifying glass to enter keywords. This can be found at the Happit icon on the right side of your screen. Happit will then give you relevant information on this subject. Note: this functionality will be available soon

Happit vergrootglas

More successful user adoption due to shorter adjustment period with Happit

Especially new and inexperienced Indeqa organizers will make use of the functionality that Happit offers. With Happit, they will receive immediate and accessible, relevant answers to questions. This results in less frustration and a shorter period of adjustment, which in turn benefits the user adoption of Indeqa. A successful user adoption, in turn, is good for the job satisfaction and the overall organization, because Indeqa is used optimally. Below you can see how this process works:

  1. Learning tool Happit >
  2. Immediately in the right place, relevant answers to questions >
  3. Less frustration en shorter adjustment period >
  4. Successful user adoption >
  5. More job satisfaction, cost efficiency and optimal use of all the advantages that Indeqa offers.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

The positive experience of our testers makes us very enthusiastic about this new learning tool. We hope that it will make your work as an organizer even easier. If you have a question or suggestion about Happit, please feel free to contact us.

Want to know more about Happit?

Our parent company I4-YOU Business Solutions is a partner of Happit and has taken care of the implementation of this step towards even better user adoption. Want to know more about Happit? Go to the website of I4-YOU.

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