Indeqa and Microsoft Teams

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Monday 24 October 2022

Indeqa and Microsoft Teams fit perfectly together like lock and key. Combining the two gives you structure and control over all your online board meetings.

Indeqa and Microsoft Teams, how does it work?

Microsoft Teams is an online Microsoft 365 workspace and is widely used by organizations worldwide. In Teams, you can collaborate online by sharing, viewing, and editing files in real-time. Besides this, you can make online (video)calls, chat and have conference calls from any location and device. Teams is a high-quality Microsoft product, but it is not really equipped for board meetings. With Indeqa, it is.

What perks does Indeqa have compared to only using Teams?

When using Microsoft Teams, you have the option to (video) call, chat, collaborate on documents, share documents and add apps to the environment. This might be enough for some companies. However, when you want to bring efficiency and effectiveness into your organization, you might want to add some extra features.

Adding Indeqa, you have the following extra features:

  • Automated pdf conversions
  • Make (private) annotations
  • Add tasks and decisions
  • Create customized templates and save them for future use
  • Automatic document version management
  • Convenient agenda management options

These are only a few of the extra features Indeqa brings to the table. For more information, visit our product page to see more features.

One Microsoft account

After downloading, all Indeqa features will be integrated into your Microsoft Teams environment. Using Teams from the Indeqa app, you never leave your safe Microsoft environment. You can log in with your Microsoft account, so no account switches are necessary.

Request features. Indeqa will listen 

One of the things that makes Indeqa an excellent board meeting management tool is that we listen to our clients. You can request features that will contribute to your meetings, or view other clients' input and upvote them when you agree with the request. We will consider these requests when we upgrade our software per release. This way, we live towards the growing expectations of our customers.

Try Indeqa board meeting software for free

If you are new to our software, try our board meeting software for free. Indeqa offers a free 30-day trial. If you’ve got any questions, use the Indeqa Academy. You’ll find demos and get-started videos in this online learning environment that will guide you when using our software. Or contact us for more information. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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