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Friday 18 November 2016

We proudly present to you our latest version of the Indeqa app. Fantastic new functionalities were added, so that your meetings will run more smoothly. With this release Indeqa will suit your needs even better.

What's new?

Since the last release we've had a lot of useful tips and ideas from end users, of which we've realised several. Reading attachments, navigating within an attachment and the proces of annotating has been fully revised and improved.

A few of the added and improved functionalities include:


Zooming in and out on an attachment is now possible with buttons, 'double tapping' or by using the 'pinch to zoom' gesture.


Three new annotation tools:

It's now possible to highlight, underline or strikethrough text very annotatietoolseasily, by dragging a selection rectangle around the text you want to highlight. These annotations can also be shared with other meeting participants.

Deleting Annotations

Highlighted the wrong text by accident? No problem! Annotations can be easily removed by selecting it and tapping the trash can icon.


Navigating to the right page

Want to go to page 45 from page 1 really quick? We've added a slider, precisely for this purpose. You can now quickly slide to the correct page.
Or by using the super handy document overview panel:docoverzicht

Annotation author

By selecting an annotation made by someone else, the name of the author appears on screen.


Improved annotation list

The layout of the annotation list was restyled completely. The type of annotation and the used color are now shown graphically. You'll find the annotation you're looking for more easily.


As you can see, a lot of improvements! We hope you'll enjoy using Indeqa even more, and we're always open for your ideas!

Continuous deployment

We think it's of great importance to improve Indeqa rapidly and continuous. We'll often use feedback of customers to do this. If you have any ideas that might fit in our roadmap, please don't hesitate to tell us by send us an email through our contact form.

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