Paperless meetings for housing corporations

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Thursday 25 October 2018

Handling time and resources consciously and efficiently

As a housing corporation you are making every effort to ensure the availability and affordability of social rental housing. Dealing with time and resources consciously and efficiently is a necessity nowadays. Housing corporations are known for their frequent meetings… and there is ample room for optimisations.

Transition to Office 365

Due to the innovative possibilities around collaboration and the advantages of working in the cloud, a renovation of the IT environment is on the agenda of many housing corporations. Microsoft Office 365 makes it possible to work at any time and on every device, wherever you want. For this reason, many housing corporations have opted to switch to working in the cloud. Using SharePoint, you can easily set up a platform on which information exchange and online collaboration become a possibility.

Conferencing paperless

Having meetings paperless means taking the next step beyond just online collaboration. The essence of meeting is discussing, considering and deciding. You do this by bringing people and information together and facilitating them structurally. Planning and organizing a meeting takes a lot of time, as you will probably recognize. Perhaps the meeting documents are printed, copied and physically distributed by you or a colleague prior to the meeting, just as it happens in so many organizations. There has to be a different way, don’t you think? And, you guessed it, there is!

By meeting digitally, you make optimal use of Exchange (Outlook) for the connection between colleagues and SharePoint for the central storage and security of meeting documents, decisions and comments. Indeqa is an online meeting app, specifically designed for Office 365, which will bring together all relevant information for every meeting. This will make the work of the secretarial office much more efficient.

Conferencing safely in the cloud

Indeqa is the online meeting tool that seamlessly connects to Office 365. The only conferencing solution that runs as an Add-on within Office 365 and thereby makes full use of all security principles as they have been devised by Microsoft. That is unique.

The ever stricter rules concerning the storage of personal data and confidential information, such as minutes and other meeting documents, are 100% complied with, as is warranted by Microsoft’s security. Indeqa fits well within the choice for, and transition to, Office 365.

Fast implementation and easy to use

Indeqa ensures that all meeting documents can be reached easily, quickly, at any time and in any place. Each meeting participant and organizer will always have the most up-to-date information at his or her disposal. The information is secured excellently and only available in an authorized manner. Within half a day you will be up & running. That is how user-friendly the app is.

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