Product update: security update based on Microsoft principles

1 min read
Thursday 12 November 2020

Microsoft very recently tightened its security model for Microsoft 365. With Indeqa we have acted on this immediately by performing an update for our application. With this update we continue to meet the highest security requirements of Microsoft. 

What do you need to do? 

It is important that you provide access to your Azure AD again. You can do this via the notification in the Indeqa app. 

 Melding Easy2Meet update

Note: in order to change these settings you need to be a Global Administrator. Are you not? Then ask the Global Administrator within your organisation to perform this action. 

This message will take you to your settings. Here you can choose to provide access.

Applicatie opnieuw toegang geven

This will give you a clear overview of what you give permission for. By clicking on 'Accept' you give access to your Azure AD. 

Toegang Easy2Meet

Do you have any questions about this update? Then you can always contact our support, we are happy to help you.

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