The best day to hold your meeting

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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Holding a meeting is more than scheduling a timeslot and expecting all attendees to share their brightest thoughts. People need to feel energized and positive with a sense that progress has been made when leaving the meeting. Effective meetings can encourage employees to generate ideas and keep people informed about decisions made. However the mood of your employees influence the type of meeting that will be held. As moods vary throughout the week we created a guide on which days of the week are the best to hold your meeting.

planning best day to hold a meeting


Starting with Monday, a day that a large sum of people dread against. All employees have had a well deserved weekend and a lot of Friday’s work had been put off to Monday. Also a lot of your colleagues do not know what their week has in store for them. However the majority comes to work with a fresh mind to start off their new workweek.

Therefore a Monday meeting is perfect for a secretary to schedule a ‘planning ahead meeting’.


Tuesday has been labeled the ‘productive day’ as all employees have caught up with their weekend emails and overdue work from Friday, they will have a fresh outcast for the rest of the week. On Tuesday employees are into work mode and all their bright ideas are flowing and taking form. Therefore a Tuesday meeting is perfect for sharing ideas, idea generating only happens when the minds are fresh. However, only schedule necessary meetings on Tuesday as you do not want to block the creativity and productivity with a meeting.

corporate best day to hold a meeting


The midpoint of the week and all employees might have tackled their larger projects by now. They might already know what tasks to perform for the rest of the week. Therefore your colleagues are open for new business. A Wednesday board meeting is perfect for management executives to plan a meeting that concern new business for the company as where the management is also able to visit clients and leave the office.


Only 2 days before weekend starts and employees are starting to flag a bit. Workload might be piling up therefore an early Thursday morning meeting might be able to set all priorities straight. As it is the second last workday before weekend hits it is the last time to see what needs to be done before the week ends. A Tuesday board meeting puts the pressure on Friday’s deadline and is meant to bring up emergency deadlines.

social best day to hold a meeting


The last workday to finish the workload of the week, while all personnel have their eyes on the weekend. The Friday often functions as a busy day to get all tasks out of the way before weekend, so all personnel might be occupied with work. A Friday meeting is best for catch up meetings to gather how the past week has been and often serves as a social gathering.

 Efficient board meetings

And while having to take these meetings per weekday into account, it might be time consuming to plan all of these meetings accordingly. Therefore we got one last sollution to plan your effective board meetings efficiently, Indeqa! 

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