Why we are ISAE 3402 accredited

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Tuesday 20 July 2021
In our previous blogpost about safe boardmeetings in the office and from home, we mentioned the importance of security. Security and reliability are crucial when it comes to board meetings. Having the right board management software will benefit in the long run. And Indeqa makes sure that our clients have that safe and secured software during boardmeetings. The Indeqa software is ISAE 3402 accredited and hosted on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. In today's article we will explain why we are ISAE 3402 accredited and what that means for your security.

ISAE 3402

ISAE 3402 stands for International Standard for Assurance Engagements. The ISAE 3402 is an audit standard for reports of processes that have been outsourced. An ISAE 3402 is directed at organisations that qualify for an investigation into the implemented control measures to secure the critical processes of their customers. By having ISAE 3402, supervisory organisations as housing corporations and health organisations have the possibility to ask questions or set demands towards clients.

ISAE 3402 for organisations

Often organisations outsource their non-core processes to other service organisations. When it comes to security measures it is important to take into account how these organisations handle risk management, information security and anti-fraude. ISAE 3402 applies to these risks and challenges in outcoursing by having assurance on risk awareness and internal control.

ISAE 3402 when using Indeqa

Indeqa has chosen ISAE 3402 as security measure because we want to guarantee our customers with the best possible guarantee of security and privacy of data. ISAE 3402 not only takes the guidelines on information into account but also assesses the guidelines and outsourced processes in the form of a report. The assessment framework and fact that our user's accountants benefit from this have been important drivers to choose ISAE 3402.
  • The annual report provides insight into how we deal with risk management and information security. With this audit, we also demonstrate that we comply with the established security guidelines.
  • The report provides our user’s auditor with relevant information under Standard 402 “Considerations when using a service organization” - in relation to the annual financial statement audit.
  • We provide our users with maximum technical and process protection with Indeqa. The reports are available for inspection upon request and we will gladly take the time to read them with you.

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