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Intelligent software for better board meetings 

Efficient decision-making on Microsoft 365 

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Why do customers choose for Meeting Decisions? 

  • Enjoy the intuitive app for a better overview and take advantage of the logical structure and excellent search functions.
  • Let the software work for you: easily organize board meetings in less time.
  • Greater convenience and security because of seamless integration with SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook for storage, collaboration, and scheduling.


The most safe meeting solution

  • The most secure solution because all the sensitive data is on your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Meeting Decisions is ISO 27001:2013 certified. Take full advantage of the functionalities and security principles present in Microsoft 365.
  • Log in with your existing Microsoft 365 account. No need for a new account or password.


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All the meeting features you need!

Meeting Decisions offers a solution to improve the value of meetings for your organization by leveraging the Microsoft 365 investment you've already made!

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Decisions integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365 so you don't have to invest in a separate platform and with this, adoption gets a boost!

Saving Time BG

Save time

At least 30 percent less time spent coordinating meetings.

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Decisions provides an orderly process for planning and running meetings so that participants are well prepared.

Meeting Book BG


Merge the agenda and attachments into a single PDF document that can be shared and annotated with meeting participants.

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Speak Now

Speak Now for Teams is more than a "virtual show of hands." It builds a sorted list of speakers.

Smart Time Tracker BG-1

Time Tracker

A visual indicator tracks agenda items based on allocated time to keep meetings on schedule.

Agenda Builder BG

Structured agendas

Create structured calendars in Teams or Outlook. Participants can upload files, suggest topics, ask questions and leave comments.

Secure Voting BG


Take official voting directly from within Microsoft Teams with a secure and orderly process.

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