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Board meeting agenda

A fixed format for board meetings

What is a board meeting agenda? 

One of the most important meeting documents

A board meeting agenda is an extensive list of topics that need to be discussed during a board meeting. Usually, the agenda follows a fixed format and serves as a guideline. It ensures that the board meeting runs smoothly and all topics get to be discussed within time. Using a board meeting agenda gives you a grip on the board meeting and save time.  

Together with the board meeting minutes, the board meeting agenda is one of the most important board meeting documents.

Board meeting agenda

Who prepares the board meeting agenda?

In general, the management assistant or executive secretary prepares the agenda for board meetings. The input is provided by the CEO and the chairman of the meeting. 

How to create a good board meeting agenda

Before the board meeting starts, the management assistant or executive secretary prepares the agenda. This generally consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Gather information

Ask the CEO and the chairman of the meeting for input. Optionally, you could also ask team members for their input

What should be included in a board meeting agenda? 

The board meeting agenda is an extensive and exhaustive list of all topics that need to be discussed during the board meeting.  Topics that are always included in a board meeting agenda: 

- Logistic information
  • Date
  • Time
  • Meeting link or location
  • List of attendees
- Welcome and approval of the board meeting agenda
- Approval of the minutes of the previous board meeting
- Matters for decision

This topic is preferably scheduled at the beginning of the meeting, in case someone has to leave early. All substantive discussion points have already taken place beforehand. It is just a matter of voting.

- An update from the CEO
- Matters for discussion

Which often lead to tasks or decisions for the next board meeting

- Optional: other matters, comments, questions, and concerns
- Adjustment, to officially close the meeting
board meeting agenda template Indeqa

Board meeting agenda template 

Never forget any mandatory or important agenda item

The agenda ensures an efficient board meeting. Use a board meeting template to prepare the board meeting thoroughly. You can find board meeting templates online, download our template, or use board meeting software that offers a template for the agenda as well. Pick a template and adapt it to the needs of your organization. If you download our template, please know that it only serves as inspiration and cannot be directly imported into the board meeting software of Indeqa.

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What is the difference between a board meeting agenda and minutes?

The board meeting agenda serves as a starting point for the minutes

Before the board meeting starts, the management assistant or executive secretary prepares the minutes. It is a document in which concise and clear notes will be taken. It is essentially a derivative of the board meeting agenda. 

Usually, the board meeting agenda serves as a starting point for the minutes. This is helpful because all meeting topics are directly listed in the right order. Consequently, the board meeting minutes and the board meeting agenda look alike. They both consist of a list of topics being discussed during that specific board meeting. The outline of the two documents may be the same, the details are different from each other. 

Where the board meeting agenda is just a list of topics whether or not linked to a specific participant, the board meeting minutes contain what is said and/or decided during the timeslot of that specific agenda topic. The board meeting minutes are taken during the board meeting. Minutes include tracking who is present, creating a task list, and formally write down decisions. Board meeting minutes do not contain quotes. 

Both documents need to be approved by the board. At the beginning of each board meeting, the agenda of that meeting is approved. Followed by the approval of the minutes from the previous board meeting.

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Board meeting software

Provides a professional board meeting agenda

Board meeting software facilitates the process of a board meeting. Good board meeting software, also known as board management software, supports you as well. The right board meeting software enables you to organize digital board meetings and lets you easily create board meeting agendas, minutes, and other official documents like Task and Decision lists.

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