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Indeqa® Secretary

Secretary save time & work more efficiently

Short, digital preparations

Do you have to make endless copies of meeting documents for every meeting? With Indeqa®, this is a thing of the past. Do you want to know what else Indeqa® can do for you as a management assistant? Then read on quickly!

Indeqa® Secretary

Work from a single screen

Overview of meetings, calendars and meeting documents

As a management assistant, you will have access to the Organizer environment of Indeqa®. This environment is separated from the Indeqa® app and can only be accessed via a browser. Here, you can organize and manage board meetings. You can easily add meeting documents to a board meeting and you can directly invite the right people, also from outside your organization.

Publish meetings directly into personal agendas

Integration with Microsoft 365

Publish meetings directly into personal agendas

Indeqa® works within Microsoft 365. This allows you to log in with your own Microsoft 365 account. Also in the organizer environment. When organizing a meeting, the integration with Microsoft 365 and Outlook ensures that the meeting is placed directly in everyone's personal agenda. Documents can be added to the meeting from SharePoint and are automatically converted to pdf.

Completely paperless

Completely paperless

No more endless afternoons of copying

It's hard to ignore - Indeqa® works completely paperless. When you start organizing meetings with Indeqa®, the large stacks of paper used during board meetings are a thing of the past. Indeqa® is completely digital and paperless! Finally, no more endless afternoons of copying.

Not by mail, but with one click

Distributing meeting documents

Not by mail, but with one click

When creating a meeting, you can easily add the meeting documents from your organizations SharePoint environment. With a single click, these meeting documents can be sent digitally to the invited guests. Is there a change in the meeting documents? You can distribute the new document in the same, easy way to the participants.

More ways Indeqa® helps your organization

Send notifications when something changes

Is there a change in the meeting? Send a notification to all meeting participants to keep them informed.

Full control over

Customize meeting information, create and modify calendar items, or add participants. It's all possible! Even after publication.

No new account, no new password

Indeqa® is installed within the Microsoft 365 environment of your organization. You can log in with your current Microsoft 365 account.

Work more sustainably as an organization

By switching to paperless meetings with Indeqa®, you can save a large stack of paper with every meeting.

Work more efficiently and save time

When using Indeqa® different time-consuming processes are replaced by one simple operation.


From any location, from any device

Because the Organizer environment of Indeqa® is like a website, you can access it from any location and from any device.

Experience how Indeqa® works

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