Smooth implementation and immediate time savings


About our customer Vidomes

ousing corporation Vidomes manages and rents approximately 18,000 homes in Zoetermeer, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Delft, Rijswijk and the Haagse district Leidschenveen. Within these areas, the housing corporation focuses on people with insufficient opportunities in the housing market. Approximately 200 people work at the housing corporation. Executive secretary Nora de Ruiter supports the board of Vidomes, together with her colleague.

Efficient, secure meeting solution

Vidomes never used to work with meeting software. The organisation felt the need for meeting software to make the meeting process more professional. De Ruiter: "We used to use Dropbox for collecting meeting documents. In addition, a number of members of the meeting also wanted the documents to be printed. These were often enormous packets of paper, sometimes so large that they did not fit through the letterbox. Because we wanted to work more efficiently and, above all, more securely, we started looking for the appropriate meeting software".

Indeqa fits perfectly with existing SharePoint environment

De Ruiter: "In the end we invited two companies for a demo, including Indeqa. We immediately had a good click with the Indeqa contact person. This software fits in perfectly with our existing SharePoint environment. In addition, we also found user-friendliness very important. Because Indeqa meets all these requirements, the choice was simple.

Smooth implementation 

The implementation of Indeqa was a smooth process. De Ruiter: "After implementation someone from Indeqa helped me and my colleague one morning to get started. That was enough. Then, in 2019, the board, the business controller and the finance manager first switched to meetings with Indeqa. When everyone within this group was completely used to it, the supervisory board also followed.
The board meetings take place every fortnight and the meetings of the supervisory board are held six or seven times a year.  In total, these are more than 30 meetings a year".

Preparing meetings in Indeqa: a lot of time saved

De Ruiter: "Indeqa works much faster. Previously I had to convert sent documents to PDF and collect these documents in Dropbox. Then I sent an e-mail to the participants that everything was ready. For the participants who wanted everything printed, I took care of printing the documents and called a courier who had to deliver the pieces. When the documents were delivered, extra work was added. The preparation per meeting sometimes took about four hours".
"Now with Indeqa it goes much faster and easier. I make the agenda, add documents in Indeqa and that's it. Indeqa automatically converts everything into PDF. I can easily add new pieces and all participants see the changes immediately.

Professional and flexible board meetings

"Another advantage is that we can prepare the meeting remotely and everyone can attend from home. That is very pleasant now that we have to work a lot from home. In addition, this way of meeting is much more professional towards external parties. Looking back now, I have no idea why we didn't switch to meetings with Indeqa sooner and faster. Our next plan is that the works council will also work with the software.

"Working with Indeqa is always very pleasant. In the start-up phase we had some more contact, but even now after two years we can always email, chat, call, or indicate via the website if we have a question. It's very accessible and we always get good help with our questions".

Nora de Ruiter
Executive Secretary, Vidomes