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Overview authentication options Indeqa

There are several ways to login to Indeqa. This depends on the role and the application you want to login to. On this page we will provide an overview of the different ways to authenticate yourself as a user in Indeqa.

Portal (Organizers & Admins)

The portal is the starting point for organisers. They can log in with their own Microsoft 365 work or school account. To work as an organiser, you must also have minimum editing rights on the site for which you want to plan and manage meetings.

Admins can also access the portal. There are a number of settings that only organisation admins can set. Like giving Indeqa access to its own environment and also managing a number of security and compliance settings. These settings can all be managed in separate screens under Indeqa settings. Tod do so you need to be SharePoint or Global Administrator on your own tenant.

Note! The portal cannot be accessed by guest users. To access the portal, you will always need an organisation account. Both guests through Azure B2B and guests with personal Microsoft account through B2C will not be able to log into the portal.


Participants can retrieve information for the meetings they attend in two ways. This can be done via our native app on Windows or iOS  The third option is by logging in to our web application . The login and authentication options are the same for both and we will cover them together below.

The primary way for participants to login is with a Microsoft account. This can be a work, school or personal account. Work or school accounts can be either users from their own organisation - so internal user with a Microsoft 365 account from your own organisation as well as guest users invited to their organisation account via Azure B2B. In addition, it is also possible to invite users on a personal Microsoft account. This is enabled through Azure Active Directory B2C. See this article for more information 'How does Indeqa support B2C (private email addresses)?'

Some organisations do not have the possibility to add participants via one of the described methods. This may be because it is difficult or undesirable to invite guest users for this in your organisation AD. Then it is possible to create a specific Indeqa account. With a specified e-mail, Indeqa will then create and manage an account for which these users will receive a password with which they can log in. For more information, see this page 'Can I add external participants to my meeting?' Indeqa recommends always using Microsoft login options for users and participants if possible. This offers many advantages in terms of security and management. For more information, see this page on how Indeqa handles Microsoft authentication.