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Double the functionality and the quality

Use Indeqa for all your online board meetings, too, due to the practical Indeqa - Teams combination. When you enter Teams from the Indeqa app, you can enjoy all convenient Indeqa functionalities while using Teams: like automatic PDF conversion, annotating from your device, automatic document version control, and much more. You stay within the Microsoft environment when you switch from Indeqa to Teams using the shortcut. That’s why you don’t need to log in again. Enjoy Teams + Indeqa without interruption!

  • The shortcut allows you to switch from Indeqa to Teams smoothly.
  • Use all convenient Indeqa functionalities during online board meetings in Teams. You will find an overview of these functionalities on the Product Tour page.
  • Work efficiently and fluently: switch to Teams from the Indeqa app without interruption. No extra login is needed. 
In AppSource for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Why a combination with Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication. It allows you to make online (video)calls, chat and have conference calls from any location and device. In addition, you can share, view, and edit files with team members. Teams is a high-quality, popular Microsoft product, but it is not really equipped for board meetings. It is with Indeqa!

In combination with Indeqa, you can: create meeting templates, annotate from your device, automatically generate Task & Decision lists, and much more, all while working in Teams. This way, you get the best of Teams and Indeqa so that you can facilitate professional, structured, and efficient online board meetings. The combination of the two also works well for the organizer of board meetings: with an additional link, you can prepare, manage and publish meetings within the Microsoft Teams environment. Just like you would while using Indeqa.

  • Facilitate online board meetings with Teams from your Indeqa app.
  • Use the online Teams workspace from your Indeqa app.
  • Have all functionalities of Teams and Indeqa combined.
  • With extra functionalities from the Portal for the meeting organizer.

Great security

Internal links only

During board meetings, sensitive information is exchanged. Therefore, excellent security is vital. You want to ensure that information isn’t disclosed through a security breach. For example, through an unsafe external software link.

The link between Indeqa and Teams is ultra-secure because both Indeqa and Teams are Microsoft 365-based. While switching from the Indeqa app to Teams via the internal link, you’ll never leave the safe Microsoft bubble. Furthermore, you automatically maintain your organization's security standards, as set in your own Microsoft environment.

  • Use the internal link between Indeqa and Teams and maintain the high Microsoft security standard.
  • No need for an extra login while switching to Microsoft Teams via the internal link because logged in with Indeqa = logged in within the Microsoft environment. This allows you to work more calmly and effectively due to fewer task changes.

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One portal to govern decision-making

Feature overview

Meeting Templates

Use templates for meeting agendas. Easily edit and customize.

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Agenda Generator

Prepare high-quality meeting agendas in less time. Manage agendas in Outlook, directly from the portal. 

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Tasks & Decisions

Automatic Tasks generator with excellent search function.

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Meeting Documents

Structured data storage and smart search functions. Safely on your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Minutes Generator

All agenda information automatically copied to your minutes. Take minutes in Word; Indeqa takes care of layout and corporate identity.

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Mobile Apps

Convenient app for iOS, Android, or Windows. Participate and annotate from your tablet or smartphone. 

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Microsoft Teams

Integrated with Teams and SharePoint.

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More great features to come.