Minutes Generator

Minutes Generator

Automatic templates, using Word

The app automatically opens Word when using the Minute Template. Meanwhile, it loads and organizes all corresponding agenda items, tasks, and decisions from the Agenda Template. When ready, with a single click, you convert minutes into a document with a neat layout and your corporate identity.

  • Automatic template for minutes based on the information from the Agenda Template.
  • Keep minutes in Microsoft Word while working from the app.
  • Automatic PDF/A conversion.
  • Minutes and agendas in your brand identity.

Keeping minutes

Efficient and convenient

The app automatically loads corresponding agenda items from the Agenda Template into the Minute Template. This includes information such as attendees, date, and location. You can accept this information or simply edit it. For your convenience, you take minutes from the app in Word. Don’t worry about the layout; Indeqa will take care of it upon publication.

  • Take minutes in Word without restrictions, with the convenience of the Indeqa app.

After the meeting

Find and edit minutes

You can easily edit minutes or add notes by opening the minutes in the app. When they are ready for publication, the software automatically converts the minutes into PDF and creates a document with a neat layout and your corporate identity.

Quickly find the minutes for each meeting in the Meeting Bundle, along with the associated agenda and all meeting documents. In the minutes, you’ll find a link to the related Tasks and Decisions – including numbering. 

  • Minutes in your corporate identity and PDF with a single click.
  • Find minutes and all associated documents of one meeting in one folder in the Meeting Bundle.

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Feature overview

Meeting Templates

Use templates for meeting agendas. Easily edit and customize.

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Agenda Generator

Prepare high-quality meeting agendas in less time. Manage agendas in Outlook, directly from the portal. 

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Tasks & Decisions

Automatic Tasks generator with excellent search function.

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Meeting Documents

Structured data storage and smart search functions. Safely on your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Minutes Generator

All agenda information automatically copied to your minutes. Take minutes in Word; Indeqa takes care of layout and corporate identity.

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Mobile Apps

Convenient app for iOS, Android, or Windows. Participate and annotate from your tablet or smartphone. 

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Microsoft Teams

Integrated with Teams and SharePoint.

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More great features to come.