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Meeting Templates

Meeting templates

Increase efficiency and work consistently

Work smart using meeting templates and cut corners preparing for board meetings without compromising on quality. Your template of choice automatically contains all information of interest: agenda items, participants, location, and organizer(s). Accept this information with one click, or edit as needed. Do you have recurring meetings? Then save the meeting as a new template and save time next time you plan the meeting.

  • Create meetings in a snap using templates.
  • Plan online Teams meetings with just one click. You can do this directly from the template without switching screens.
  • Do you have a recurring board meeting? Save it as a template and save time.

Microsoft Groups

Easy, regulated, and secure

Does your company work with Microsoft Groups? Then central changes of meeting participants in Groups are also automatically altered in your templates. To illustrate this, imagine someone leaving the company. In that case, the IT department makes the necessary changes in Microsoft Groups. From here, the lists of the meeting participants in your templates will automatically be adjusted.

  • Former meeting participants do not accidentally continue to have access to meeting information because Indeqa automatically adopts the central changes in Microsoft Groups.
  • Indeqa is Microsoft Groups based. This ensures seamless collaboration.
  • Manage participants on a group level and add all people within a group from Microsoft Groups to a meeting template all at once.

Flexible Templates

Effortlessly create and edit

Work fast and accurately with the simple click-and-go templates while remaining flexible and in control of all data. Quickly and effortlessly edit all items within the template, such as agenda items, location, organizer(s), and the participant list. Altering a template is possible within the same screen, with as few clicks as possible and our intuitive drag-and-drop function.

  • Create and edit new templates yourself.
  • Effortlessly make adjustments with minimal actions and without switching screens.

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Feature overview

Meeting Templates

Use templates for meeting agendas. Easily edit and customize.

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Agenda Generator

Prepare high-quality meeting agendas in less time. Manage agendas in Outlook, directly from the portal. 

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Tasks & Decisions

Automatic Tasks generator with excellent search function.

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Meeting Documents

Structured data storage and smart search functions. Safely on your Microsoft 365 environment.

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Minutes Generator

All agenda information automatically copied to your minutes. Take minutes in Word; Indeqa takes care of layout and corporate identity.

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Mobile Apps

Convenient app for iOS, Android, or Windows. Participate and annotate from your tablet or smartphone. 

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Microsoft Teams

Integrated with Teams and SharePoint.

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More great features to come.