Integration of SharePoint and Indeqa

Martin Lingstuyl
Thursday 7 June 2018

Efficient paperless meetings

That is what Indeqa facilitates and that is something that, in our experience, can only be achieved when meeting documents can be added in an easy way. We have had this in mind from the very beginning and it has been one of the hard starting points in the development of Indeqa. Integration with SharePoint was therefore a matter of course and, judging by the feedback we receive, it works flawlessly. All the more so, since version management of documents is guaranteed.


Just as natural are the choice and the starting point to fully follow the roadmap of Microsoft in the further development of Indeqa. That does not mean that we are sitting still. On the contrary, the developments within the Office 365 platform often happen so fast that the platform sometimes catches up with us and as a result we can remove some of our wishes from our backlog. For example, we welcome the fact that Skype for Business is included in Teams, which makes the integration with Indeqa easier. We also follow the developments within the bot framework with much interest.

In short, our choice for 'integration by design' helps to quickly and securely integrate useful new developments within Indeqa, supporting our ultimate goal of making paperless meetings even more efficient.

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