New: Microsoft Teams Meetings

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Friday 6 December 2019

Teams has the future

Since the introduction of Microsoft Teams, Indeqa has been a fan of this collaborative platform. Each time Teams get new features, this is an additional confirmation of our decision to base Indeqa on the Microsoft Office 365 landscape.

New functionalities "Teams Meetings"

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in this pleasant piece of software. This is evident from the announcement that Microsoft will continue to expand the Teams functionalities: at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC19). During Vesa Juvonen's keynote a prototype of Meeting Capture was presented. This supports team meetings with some handy features.

On this page you will found out if you can get on with the standard Teams functionality and in which situations you additionally choose for the extra possibilities that meetings with Indeqa offer.

Make sure to watch our demo videos, we are happy to show you our added value! 

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