Indeqa meets all requirements and immediately results in time efficiency.

Area housing corporation

Our customer Area

Area rents out about 8000 houses in the vicinity of Uden, Veghel and surrounding villages. The housing corporation mainly rents out social housing to "the target group that needs it most", says Steffie Meulenbroeks, executive secretary at Area.

A few years ago, the organisation deliberately took a sustainable course. Area's sustainable vision is reflected in the management of the rental properties, as well as in the choices made at the office. The organisation employs around 90 people.


New meeting software for Microsoft 365 environment

The housing corporation had been working with paperless meeting software for some time. Because the old party stopped developing the software, Area started looking for another provider. Initially, the meeting software of the market leader was preferred, because this product was already known by a member of the board. A comparison followed.

The choice for Indeqa

The company which recently started taking care of the IT management for Area advised Indeqa. We have spoken with executive secretary Steffie:

Because Area was going to switch to working in the cloud with Microsoft 365 in the near future, Indeqa as Microsoft add-on was the most logical choice. For us as meeting organisers and users it was also important that the meeting software is user-friendly and that the functionalities fit our wishes.

We also like the fact that our documents are not stored elsewhere. Indeqa meets all our wishes and conditions.

Easy implementation and instant success

The implementation was easy and smoothly. Area was able to work with Indeqa software the same afternoon.

Our contact Maurits was at our office one morning. During that time, we transferred our old meetings to the new meeting environment.

In this way, my colleague and I got to know the software while working and we were able to ask questions straight away. The users did not need any training and immediately enjoyed working with the software.

The future with Indeqa
at Area

Area is already using Indeqa during the fortnightly MT meetings, the meetings of the Supervisory Board and the resulting committee meetings.

We all like the software. We have only been working with Indeqa for a short time and have probably not yet used all the functionalities. We want to discover and use this further along the way. In the future, we also want all employees to have the opportunity to work with Indeqa.

Useful functionalities provide 50% time savings

Of course there are differences between the old meeting software and Indeqa. Functionalities that seem unimportant make a big difference in practice.

Previously I had to click a lot with the mouse for every action. With Indeqa that has decreased considerably. For example, indeqa automatically converts all documents that I attach as an attachment into PDF. I can also select at once a list of documents in the right order and directly add them to the right agenda item. Previously I had to manually convert the documents to PDF and then prepare them for document attachment in the meeting environment.

What also makes me happy is that Indeqa automatically generates a decision list after the meeting. This gives me peace of mind as a notary during the meeting and saves time afterwards. The time I need for the software part of the work - such as setting up the meeting and archiving - has been reduced by Indeqa by about 50%.


"Indeqa meets all our requirements. For example, documents are not stored elsewhere, but simply on our own environment".

Steffie Meulenbroeks
Executive secretary at Area