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Using a smoothly working app and keeping overview with Indeqa

Stichting Brisa

Our client: Foundation Brisa

Foundation Brisa focuses on the wellbeing and participation of Dutch people with a Caribbean background in Groningen. In that capacity they also offer policy recommendations to the municipality of Groningen. Board member Reuansy Rosalie is responsible for IT at Brisa.

 We have tried three different meeting apps – including iBabs – but Indeqa offers the best overview and smoothest operation by far. - Reuansy Rosalia (Foundation Brisa board member)

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Intelligent, cost effective and environmentally-friendly meeting app

Rosalie’s search for a good meeting app started last year: “Our board met twice a month in those days. Per meeting we printed out an average of 50 A4 documents per person. Seeing that we have 9 board members it meant a lot of unnecessary waste of paper. I started looking for an intelligent solution for our problem. Because of the high costs as well as for the environment.”

The search for the right meeting app

“Eventually, we tried out three meeting solutions. A colleague initially chose the traditional market leader because she was already familiar with this meeting tool. But during the test phase she came to the conclusion that Indeqa meets our conditions best: it’s very important to us that we have a good overview and that the app operates smoothly. Something which Indeqa does better than any other option.”

The implementation of the app and contact with Indeqa

“The implementation of Indeqa was smooth and fast. For some board members the switch from paper to digital was a bit worrying but in practice these board members too were quickly used to it as well. And is our contact at Indeqa is always prepared to answer any questions we might have. E-mails are also responded to quickly.” 

Meeting with Indeqa in practice

“We all have a tablet we use during meetings. All meeting documents are grouped together so there’s no need for last minute print-outs. This enables us to start right away. By now we also take minutes in the app, which is easily done under the agenda items in the convenient template. We all have an Apple Pencil which we use for making digital annotations. It’s, of course, also possible to type but this is easier for us. Approving is done at the click of a button. Meeting with Indeqa is simply very convenient. We’re happy we made the switch.”