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Fast, flawless, implementation by Indeqa to the client's complete satisfaction


Implementation Indeqa at Foundation Elver

The end users wanted to switch to paperless meetings: less paper wastage, a more efficient way to work and access to all data from every (work) place. The IT department was faced with the challenge of creating a safe, flexible and scalable work environment. In the meantime, IT had to be unbundled due to a major reorganization. In addition to this, a switch was also made from on-premise to cloud based.

Harry Fukkink, IT Coordinator and responsible for this project, said

"We will do it well or we won’t do it at all." And it went well!

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In the meantime, IT had to be unbundled due to a major IT reorganization 

Until a year ago the foundation was part of a collaboration in the field of business management and IT. At the time Indeqa came into the picture, Elver had just started to separate its ICT from this collaboration. Around 1,300 employees work at 600 to 700 workplaces. In that changing environment it was especially important to make the implementation easy, fast and risk-free.

An ambition to have paperless board meetings

Within Elver, the Works Council wanted to switch to paperless meetings. In the old situation, the official secretary printed out all the meeting documents in preparation for the weekly meeting. These 20 to 50 page packages were then sent by post to all 13 members of the Works Council. Changes were passed on individually by e-mail and those documents were printed out by the people themselves as well.

"We devoured stacks of paper", says our management assistant.

Indeqa, its user friendly, paperless and efficient

In the new situation the Works Council members simply receive the meeting documents in the Indeqa app. The official secretary can make changes easily, so that everyone always has the correct version in front of them. Notes can be made in Indeqa, which can be shared if desired. We are pleased with the level of user-friendliness:

"The program is really very simple."  

Effortless transition within 30 minutes.

Because Indeqa is based on the existing Microsoft Office 365 environment, the implementation went almost seamlessly. The system was up and running within half an hour. The end users followed a short training course of a few hours, after which everyone could work with the system. Harry Fukkink is satisfied:

"The pragmatic cooperation with Indeqa suits us well. All goals have been achieved: IT has been unburdened and thanks to indeqa, Works Council meetings are running more smoothly and all that printing is now a thing of the past."